Raising awareness about the issues concerning children in the Foster Care System has always been important to me. There are many issues that must be addressed. Here, we will provide articles and interviews that will educate and inform.  



My mission is to collect rolling luggage for children in the Foster Care System. You may not know that when a child is removed from a home, that child is provided with 2 black trash bags in order to transport their belongings. This is disheartening. It possibly signifies to the child that their belongings or even their selves are worthless. My passion is to collect and donate luggage for the Foster Care System. This goal is to ensure that all children affected by the system no longer have memories of worthlessness, instead instill positive recollections of their youthful experiences.

We are ready to see change in this world and are eagerly pursuing it. We want these children to experience a sense of  normalcy in their sometimes "topsey turvey" lives.  Kay's Carry On is a non-profit organization is dedicated to transforming the way foster children experience foster care in Texas.  Our organization provides rolling luggage to foster children who have been displaced due to abandonment, neglect, and abuse. The luggage will be given to foster homes, shelters, foster parents agencies. The luggage replaces the traditional black trash bags which is used to transport their personal items. 

We desire to build awareness and volunteer opportunities which will better the lives of children in foster care by providing comfort in a not-so-comfortable situations. We strive to be the helping hand so that youth can "Carry On" in the foster care system so that they can move confidently into their future adult lives


Connecting with Community Leaders and Organizations that are committed to working together to bring more sustainable living to children in Foster Care. ​

Our organization is unable to do the work we do without much help from our friends.  Grants and donations from corporations,  foundations,  organizations  and individuals ensure that Kay's Carryon can continue our work. 

HOW can you help? Your organization can play a vital role in supporting children in Texas foster care,  please contact Kay Kizer directly at 1 (844) 378 - 4757 or at

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