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The Kay Kizer Story


Kay Kizer is a survivor of multiple life traumas. When she was born, her mother chose to place her for adoption at the advice of her mother’s older siblings. This led to many years of mental and sexual abuse through the foster care system. From mothers who used Kays hands as ashtrays to put out the burn of cigarettes to the unrest of being shifted from one house to another. Kay was never accepted and deeply loved by anyone that she lived with. When she was about nine years old, she experienced the sexual abuse of an older foster child which Kay did not disclose because she did not believe that her cries for help would be heard, neither did she understand the magnitude of the violation that she had experienced in her body.

This type of neglect and trauma went on from birth until about 19 years old. She met her birth mother once in her life. Her mother passed away in 1996 which is the same year they met.  As if this abnormal series of childhood occurrences wasn’t enough, Kay later experienced years of sexual abuse as an adult in the U.S. Army. As a result of many years of compounding trauma, Kay has suffered numerous life altering debilitating illnesses which has left her unable to work, provide for herself and ultimately altered her dreams.

In the summer of 2018, Kay began to see life for the better. She had been through many surgeries, and was on all types of medications. Until her prayers were answered as she began to see her lifes worth change.

Kay would tell anyone that asked, that she could have easily been dead today. But she lives to be a living testimony to women who have been overcome by darkness. She is currently seeking the benefits of holistic health and is able to stand erect and through this rehabilitation process has seen the manifestation of Gods healing hand. It has been Kay’s testimony that has given her new life to inspire others which gives life to Kay.

She is 56 years old and living her best life. Some people get to tell the story that they had the perfect home, the perfect parents, two-parent family, the perfect childhood and even the perfect experience through service to this country. This is a freedom that was not afforded to Kay, but kay has found liberty in God Almighty who has caused her to find new life, confidence and wholeness by her strong belief and faith in the word of God.

Kay would like for everyone to know that no matter how hard it gets, no matter how painful it seems, no matter how morally impossible things seem.. Hold on, don’t give up, God is and has always been on the scene. He will use darkness to lighten the path of others. He is giving beauty for ashes and healing for heartache, calm for fear, sadness He is still turning into gladness.

Since Kay has been on her journey to a new and fulfilled life, she is journaling her story. She has discovered that this tool has given her an outlet to deposit all unforgiveness. She is encouraging everyone that when pain arises, when we find ourselves in the midst of situations that we don’t understand, pick up a pen and paper and write it out.

Write it out of your heart, out of your soul and out of your body.

She is currently using her journal to create a book that she hopes will be published soon so that others can find solace through her experience.

Life is not over even at 56. Kay believes that her best life is just beginning.